Egyptian Fateer

Egyptian pies – or Feteer – were given as an offering to Egyptian Gods over 7,000 years ago. Throughout history, diplomats, celebrities, presidents and kings who visited Egypt always asked for Egyptian pies.

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Delicious Egyptian Feteer ♥️ Friendly & very welcoming Staff Cosy atmosphere Simply Loved everything about this place ! Would definitely go again & again! Thank you Flying Pie for your amazing hospitality !


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I totally loved this place Delicious, traditional feteer (with honey my fav one), extremely clean, quick serving as well But now, I have to go to the gym 6 times per week


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Meet the Chef

Egyptian Feteer is an art form. And needs an artistic and meticulous chef.
As it’s much more sophisticated than your standard pizza or pie, Feteer takes a longer time to make, so our chefs have to be quick, efficient, and entertaining. The whole restaurant can watch them in action.

Feteer is also known for its array of flavors. Whether you want savory or sweet, we have over 20 variations of Feteer our chef has created for our customers..

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We decided to spread our DNA throughout the restaurant so that once you walk in, you get a true feel of what it’s like being part of the world of Flying Pie.

Our interior is delightfully simple yet tells the sophisticated story of Feteer. Flying rolling pins, planes, hot air balloons, and you guessed it, pies are the life of the atmosphere.

We tried to make Flying Pie as authentically Egyptian as we can. We didn’t go for mummies and Pharaohs, but we went with how modern Egypt feels like. Unpretentious, homey and above all, welcoming…